Monday, September 26, 2011

Stone Starter

Here's a start on the stone, with a couple of lessons learned:

  • Don't place masking tape on egg tempera--it dulls the surface. I may need to redo the front-facing surfaces. 
  • Keep the razor knife away from the board. I actually cut through the gesso and created some chipping. Trying to fill in with white.

I like the reflected light look on the bottom rail and want to apply that to the right side. I think that might pull the leaves and frame closer together.

Will there be a background? Hmm...

(If the frame looks ever so slightly twisted, it's because my scan was a bit off.)


  1. Wow! I am very impressed. It looks so good. The stone is a real ''trompe l'oeil''. I wonder how you are going to make the lettering. I guess I am going to find out in your future post. Nancy

  2. Thanks, Nancy! Ya, even I'm not sure exactly how the lettering will come in... Probably the subject of this evening's post, once I try out a few things here. More later! :-)