Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stonework Begins

It won't look like much for a while but there's already a good bit of work here, measuring and masking. Next I sponged in a starter layer of vine black and titanium white. The poison ivy is masked out with a sheet of heavy paper as there will be some serious toothbrush splattering coming up.

Next up is to tape over the bevels and finish the front facing surfaces. Then a flip of the masking to the front surfaces as the bevels are finished.

I'm planning to simulate carved lettering into the bottom surface in one line: Leaflets three, let them be.
Font design and placement will take some time.

Once this is complete, I will return to the poison ivy for wrap up. That's the plan! :-)


  1. This is going to be sooo awesome!
    ~ gretchen

  2. I'm excited to get the stone in place and unmask the ivy. Must remember to take my time... :-)