Friday, September 23, 2011

Stepping Stones

Koo Schadler's "Old Masters Design" workshop has sparked me into Renaissance studies. I am knowing less and less each day. Lucky for me, my town's library budget is finally on the mend, with hours expanding considerably just as I left work.

Raphael is a wonderful picture book. I'm on the lookout for a used copy as I'd like to try at least portions of a few paintings.

"Poison" was a great read, light on Renaissance but heavy on religion, poison, and intrigue.

The BBC's "Renaissance" is tough going for this easily distracted mind and I might not make it through because...

this arrived today. The Kindle sample proved fascinating but the images were poor at best. The book itself has rich images on heavy semi-gloss stock. It's a beautiful book.


  1. "I am knowing less and less each day"... what a brilliant sentence!

    Is there anything more exciting than the thirst and excitement for knowledge? And adding a new book into the mix simply pushes it closer to heaven, I think!

    ~ gretchen

  2. Recent studies expand beyond paintings--sculpture, tapestry, carving, goldsmithing... Ah, those were interesting times!