Sunday, September 4, 2011

Crabapple cont

Building up color and form. Overdid the shadowing a bit with prussian blue glazes--hoping to pull it back with some white stumbles and red glazes. There's just a bit of highlighting at this time. I'm having a good time with this piece.


  1. Good job on the branch and stems! - Joyce

  2. Thanks, Joyce. Back at it today! :-)

  3. I noticed the apple stalks particularly too, but enjoyed taking in the whole piece. I love watching how you bring the fruits to life over several sessions-it's magical.

  4. That crab apple in the rear is my favorite part so far- it exudes 'roundness' and while I realize that you are still in the building up stages of both color and form, I love the blush of sun kissed color on that one.
    Glad that your power has been restored!
    ~ gretchen

  5. Thanks, Judith. This is a fun piece. I was using burnt umber on the branch and it looked too red--some heavy glazes with prussian blue pulled that red right out and created some texture too. I like these little discoveries! :-)

  6. Gretchen! Welcome back! :-) Hope your creative batteries are charged right up!

    Ya, that little one is quite unripened so it wants to be light. From time to time I drop in some highlights on the other two just to see the form. Further glazes and scumbles wipe that out.

    Egg tempera, at its most opaque, is still rather translucent so it takes quite a few layers of titanium white to bring out a bold highlight. And curiously, the white dries out with less opacity. I'm still getting used to that property.