Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bits and Pieces

I picked up an iPad today. I already know that I'm really going to like this! My workmates sent me off with a great retirement party and an Apple card that sure softened the purchase price.

Here's a game to try. Can you get a zero? This is a segue into a new interest. More on this tomorrow!

Lastly, I've been looking into linen to cover birch plywood as I consider making my own gesso panels. Here's a linen that's been recommended by the folks over at fabric-store.com.


  1. Welcome to the i-Pad club! Mine is a black one and I love it although I am still using my PC a lot because that is where all my pictures and photo processing software are.
    I just tried the colour test under a daylight lamp and I want to repeat it tomorrow in daylight to see what happens. Have you done it? Any surprises?

  2. Black here too! Ya, it's still in the "fitting in" stage. I have the big iMac for photo work and scanning and such and the MacAir for lounging. The iPad at the moment is best for web browsing. I keep saying that I will read the manual! :-)

    I can get zeros on that test. Years ago I was tested with high color acuity. Surprising that it's still intact.