Monday, August 29, 2011

Still Safe and Getting Brighter

The sounds of chain saws, rumbling trucks, and back up warnings are lovely music to the neighborhood. Just maybe, there will be power tonight!

I remembered hearing about tethering smartphones for internet access. At the moment, my MacAir is connected via USB to my Droid X using a neat little application called PdaNet. Not to be confused with creating a costed hotspot, this free app hops on my unlimited data plan. It's pretty fast, too. Nothing like my broadband's +20Mbps but the just tested 1Mbps works just fine for these kind of situations.

So here I am typing away with delight on my laptop, my little LED light clipped on to light the keys, and my phone drawing power from the laptop. Of course, this means that I can see the battery slowly slipping away but the promise of a recharge hovers nearby.

It's been rather peaceful here without the distracting appliances. I reread most of Koo Schadler's "Egg Tempera Painting". Same for Virgil Elliott's "Traditional Oil Painting". Last and certainly not least, a few chapters from Ernst van de Wetering's "Rembrandt The Painter at Work".

This is how I enter retirement. A fine beginning! :-)


  1. Brilliant! - Joyce

  2. A fine beginning indeed! Sounds like a 21st century Rube Goldberg set up you have going there!
    Hopefully your power will be restored by the time I return this weekend; stay safe and happy,
    ~ gretchen

  3. Thanks, Gretchen. The trees are cleared but still waiting for power to return.

  4. I hope that all is ok now. Once again, congrats on your new beginning.

  5. Thank you, Zarina. All is back to normal here, although surrounding states will be recovering for some time.