Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lily Sketch

Not a true painting but an overlay in Photoshop of two egg tempera panels--just getting a feel for size and positioning.

My nice green panel took a similar fate as the previous. All of a sudden the surface had a greasy, eggy feeling and wouldn't take a polish. I think I am having trouble with my umbers.

I stripped both panels down with a razor, wiped with water, and then sanded. Next I did up a quick background, really as a test. When it came time for the raw umber, I mixed on the light side with egg. So far, so good. It's really a rough job on the panel  but I didn't want to put in much time or effort. I'll start in with burnt umber tomorrow and see if I can hold a good finish. If so, I'll work up the gradation nicely and start on the lily.

I think that I used to have a vision that putting in my 10,000 hours would be a series of good paintings getting better. Perhaps later, but for now it's retries and experimentation. Maybe that's the way it'll always be?

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