Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Test Colors

I woke this morning figuring that I might approach lily colors with earth pigments. During the egg tempera workshop Koo had mentioned how very often we do not need to turn to highly saturated pigments, examples being the cadmium yellow and irgazine orange I'd used last night.

I so wanted to sit down and get to painting this morning but alas, it was time for work. Time was very short this evening but I did manage to lay down some thinly applied Armenian Orange Earth and Transparent Yellow Ochre. Note on the orange patch, the right side has been overlaid with about six very thin layers of yellow ochre. The lower patch is undiluted yellow ochre.

The earths are so much easier for me to control. Jus the tiniest bits of cads or synthetic organics produce incredibly saturated mixes. I think I will turn to the earths as I retry the lily.

My gesso board still hasn't recovered properly, even after stashing it on the car dashboard all day while at work. I'll give it another try tomorrow but I have no great expectations. So it's soon to be another background job and I'm actually looking forward to another meditative exercise.

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