Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cherries Study

I took Dorothy's advice (see her comment in Sunday's post). I see a lot of potential with her method and will work this study over a few more times. Thank you Dorothy! This is fascinating stuff!

The board really is this yellow as it's a leftover from a sorry mistake that ended up being scraped off. Just couldn't get all the color out easily but  it's a good practice board.


  1. YES!!!!! much more depth and form in the cherries. good practice. now look at your shadows. looking like objects because of hard edges and all of them being the same. fuzz them out a little bit, here and there.think temperature at the same time.d

  2. Ya, I can't wait to get home and give it another go. Dorothy, thank you so much for the guidance!

    I started modeling form with viridian green, dropped in some yellow ochre in the highlight areas, went over the green with burnt sienna which very nicely pulled the chroma from the viridian, used blues, and then finally went in with irgazine red and quin magenta. I think I should not have used any black on the cherries or at least not so much. I really mixed the black to tone down the shadows.

    More soon and thanks again! :-)

  3. Wow, John, this is terrific and the correspondence between you and Dorothy is most informative. Brilliant stuff.

  4. It's this fun? It is so exciting learning new tricks! Dorothy is a good friend and a most accomplished egg tempera artist. We met during our workshops with Koo.

  5. Happy Birthday, Judith! (Am I close?)