Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And back to normal

Right on schedule, National Grid made repairs. Things are quickly returning to the norm.

Here are a couple of shots of our damaged lines.

It's so amazing the resilience of nature. This little one was taking in the morning sun. When I stepped out, a hummingbird buzzed up, seemingly greeting me, and hovered a couple of feet in front of my face.

With the fridge cleaned out, the very first item for restocking? What else!

Now it's off to the grocery. Later tonight, a back-to-normal post on a subject that's been on my mind the past few days.


  1. We have been away and so I am glad to find you safe and well. I will catch up properly over the weekend.

  2. Thanks for your concern, Judith. And our Gretchen is fine too. Still haven't heard from Dorothy--Connecticut got hit really hard and there are still many out there without power. Also many in my area without power and not expecting it until Sunday.