Friday, April 22, 2011

Vinca - More Skteches

I began this evening with a few little thumbnails, just to think about possible layouts.

And then I got back to a few more sketches. Sketching is becoming a lot of fun. I try to forget about looking at leaves and simply see the shapes and the spacings between them.


  1. If I have learned anything of late ( and at my age, everything I learn is 'of late' I am afraid; but the important thing to grasp here is that at my age, I am still learning!) is that simply sketching for the sake of sketching IS fun!
    I had always viewed sketching to be just a step towards creating a finished piece- driven as I am to achieve perfection. Even though I always secretly thought there was far more life and emotion in my preliminary work, I could never accept the sketches for works of art on their own. Happily I now know better and have found incredible joy in sketching for its own sake.

  2. Sketching helps me relax with my subject. Not feeling the need to "get it right", I can explore line and space without all that mental overhead.

    I am practicing to see only shapes. It's not a leaf or flower or stem; it's a shape of shades. I think the better I get into that mode, the more realistic the outcome. It's like, if I forget about trying to nail it, there's a chance I just might.