Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vinca in the Box

Yesterday I potted up a bit of Vinca for indoor study. It sure looked shabby last night but by morning had perked up considerably. This evening it was positively beaming.

I love the elegant twists of the stems...

A few stems. A flower almost straight on, another profiled, and a third as bud. That is how I roughly envision my composition. I want to fall back to pencil as I try to put this all together.


  1. I agree with Judith's comment yesterday- it looks like you are having fun with this vinca project; I'm anxious to see your final choice for your blue against yesterday's green mixes- so lovely!
    I also agree with Judith on the scratching out method for the veining; that is something I have never been brave enough to attempt.
    Still waiting for some real signs of spring; it's been lightly snow showering here this morning; but I did see a mourning cloak butterfly on my walk yesterday and heard red wing blackbirds calling in the wetlands. Hope endures!

  2. I will explore my colors more over the weekend. It is fun stuff! :-)

    Wow, still getting snow, eh? It recently felt like snow here, cold and raw. A mix of days lately--some hitting 60 or so. Today is bright and in the 50's but with a stiff wind that is downright chilly. Give me those baking hot days of summer!