Friday, April 15, 2011

Vinca For The Fells

I'm going to try Vinca for an upcoming exhibition. Here are a few initial shots to help me work up color and composition. Not sure how this will play out but I'm thinking of a colored area surrounded with black and white. Watercolor and graphite or egg tempera and silverpoint, not sure yet...


  1. The Fells!! I will of course be taking a special interest in this progress of this piece!

  2. Of course! :-)

    Now I must buckle down and get to work. Actually, I am feeling rather content to be hitched to a project piece.

  3. There will be colour-I was so hoping you would work with this shade of blue. It's almost the same shade as the bluebells in the woods we are off to look at tomorrow.
    So looking forward to seeing this piece develop.

  4. I hope to take my time with composition and color study. Lucky to have the little plants growing all about my yard.

    I was surprised to see flowers while raking yesterday. Twice I had to grab the camera upon discovering buds and blossoms.