Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Closeups of Familiars

One thing I like about nature photography is the surprises that appear on the monitor screen. Not until just before uploading did I notice how the ray flowers are opening in a progressive fashion. Somehow I imagined that they all pop at once.

On most of my lake walks I pass by a row of white pines and so notice the development of yearly growth. Here is the very beginning of five radial buds surrounding a central bud. These will extend out over the season to form another year of pine needle covered branches, the needles in packets of five.


  1. I love your pictures. Ever heard of Andy Goldsworthy? If not, search up him and his art. You should try some Goldsworthy-inspired stuff. It's great.

  2. Hey Kels, thanks a lot!

    Ya, I think I found him from a NY Times article? Not sure, but there were pictures of his awesome wall work.

    You might like my friend George's work, especially the shoreline sets:

  3. ooh! Andy Goldsworthy-I've been an admirer of his for years and years. I do a bit of "land art" once in a while when out walking my dog although my attempts are simplistic in comparison (often I have only minutes to create before a certain four legged friend grows far too impatient vs. Andy who sometimes works months or longer on a single project). It's always interesting to revisit the scene a day or week later and see how mother nature has changed it or in some cases completely taken it away.
    Someone (or more) has been building intricate rock cairns through out our woods and I cannot resist adding a stone or two as I pass by. Some of these cairns have grown to include all manner of natural objects from feathers to lichens and bits of mica. It's gotten to be quite a game/challenge of late to keep coming up with new additions and I still have no idea who my team mates are. Quite fun!

  4. This sounds intriguing. Imagine the original artist who now finds existing creations morphing, wondering how many other imaginations are contributing.