Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vinca - First Leaves

Here's a bit of a composite--a graphite sketch transferred to watercolor paper with my vinca green mix. I first used the Quin Orange mix but had difficulty getting dark enough so back to Cad Orange I went. Deep, rich green then came easily.

Most veining is a result of razor knife scratching. Also experimented with lifting to simulate highlights.

It's rough but I'm having fun seeing the pieces come together. I suppose I'll be in this iterative loop of improving sketches and coloring. I'll bet the flowers would really kick against these greens!


  1. I can see you are having fun! That's a great saturated green and yes, the flowers will look terrific against them. Brave man for scratching out-I can't get the hang of that at all!
    Have a restful and productive Easter-I might not be around until after the weekend.

  2. Fun it is! Wish there was more time!

    I do little scratching so it was a bit iffy. It's quite hard for me to control line width as sometimes the paper and pigment seems to chip off. I'm sure each paper offers its own scratching personality. (Fabriano Artistico HP here.)

    Happy Easter, Judith. All the best to you and yours.