Thursday, April 28, 2011

Egg Play

Yesterday I stopped in at the local farm for a dozen fresh eggs. Last evening I collected all my pigments and recorded into the laptop, just so I know what I really have. (I really have a lot of pigments!)

It's been a long time since working with egg tempera. Right after this photo, the yolk got away from me, breaking the membrane. I dumped the whole mess into my jar and I have to be careful when making up my mixes. If this was going to be a serious piece, I'd have dumped the egg and started over.

Just a bit of quick play here for working back the feeling for this medium. Now it's time to pull my egg tempera books off the shelf for some good reads.

Apologies for Blogger misbehaving today, all of a sudden comment posting failed. After a bit of poking about, it seems that popup commenting was the culprit. Changing to embedded comments looks to be a proper fix.


  1. I received my invitation/announcement for the upcoming NESBA show at the Fells yesterday; hard to believe the opening is now less than a month away; will this vinca be a part of the show? (not trying to put any stress on you!)
    ~ gretchen

  2. It is coming quickly! And even faster here as paintings naturally have to be ready prior to the opening date, leaving me two weeks to put something together. I was stressing about this for a time and then just accepted that I would probably not have something for the show. Time has been short and my focus has been either distracted or elsewhere.

    It won't be long before I have greater opportunities to settle in the way I would like, so for now I'll simply coast along. I will make a point of visiting The Fells so a blog member lunch is definitely on my radar!

    Now, I could have something for the show but the odds, ah well, they are not so good. ;-)

    Do hope that Blogger commenting treated you kindly today.