Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Turkey Talk

I am away from work this week, kiddingly described as a test of my preparedness for retirement. The test results are already in: "I am so ready!". :-)

In the spirit of vacationing, today's post turns to something a bit different.

Neighbor Tim lives just up the road from me. This year he's raising chickens, ducks, and turkeys. The birds are usually penned in way back but on occasion are let loose within the larger fenced in yard.

As I stood by the fence, the turkeys started moving towards me. I've no idea if they considered me friend, food, or an agent for escape.

And they just kept getting closer. Each time Tim's white shepherd barked, they'd gobble!

And even closer with more barking and gobbling.

Neighbor Frank and the kids were passing by and had to stop the truck and watch the show. And once the kids put together the barking dog and the gobbling birds...

Turkey Talk from John Perry on Vimeo.


  1. Too funny! Love the video!
    Even though I see wild turkeys fairly regularly on my walks I have never ever seen one "display" its tail feathers like that- so cool!
    I'm hoping these guys are pets?? Please don't tell me one way or another so I can be happy thinking that they are. I always get a little nervous for them around Thanksgiving season!

  2. I was just now going by--here they came bounding across the yard and following me up along the fence line.

    Something not captured in the video is how they sometimes rapidly twitch their displayed tail feathers, often while in a turn.