Monday, October 12, 2009

Hoary Alyssum

I found the delicate little Hoary Alyssum, Berteroa incana, out in the middle of a field often used for horse shows. That's rather surprising as this species has known toxicity for horses and there must be hundreds of horse people all about on summer weekends for English riding competitions. It has the curious ability to sustain as an annual, biennial, or perennial!

It's a short post... I'm distracted by my sick oil furnace. Water is puddling up under it... I've turned the water pressure down low. It's working okay and service has been called in for tomorrow. Frost in the forecast overnight so here's hoping it limps through the night... Sure wish I had a wood stove! :-)


  1. It's that time of year, beautiful foliage, New England asters, failed furnaces. Hope your plumber arrives soon! I'm flying to Arizona tomorrow for the annual American Soc of Botanical Artists Conference, hope their A.C. works! - Joyce

  2. Thanks, Joyce. Plumber's arrived and it looks like it's time for a new furnace--hopefully today.

    Wishing you a safe, exciting, and cool journey to the ASBA Conference!

    Take care,

    -- John