Saturday, October 31, 2009


From the preface of a wonderful book of older times, The Fern Lover's Companion:

"A lover of nature feels the fascination of the ferns though he may know little of their names and habits. Beholding them in their native haunts, adorning the rugged cliffs, gracefully fringing the water-courses, or waving their stately fronds on the borders of woodlands, he feels their call to a closer acquaintance. Happy would he be to receive instruction from a living teacher: His next preference would be the companionship of a good fern book. Such a help we aim to give him in this manual. If he will con it diligently, consulting its glossary for the meaning of terms while he quickens his powers of observation by studying real specimens, he may hope to learn the names and chief qualities of our most common ferns in a single season."

Oh, I almost forgot...

BOO!!! :-)

Happy Halloween!

Tilton, George Henry. The Fern Lover's Companion, A Guide for the Northeastern States and Canada. Melrose, MA 1922. 15. Web. Google Book Search. 31 Oct 2009.

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