Monday, October 19, 2009


Temperatures in the 30's F, steady downpours (yes, even snow!), and a bit under the weather make for lay back times. Alas, that does affect species collection. But, one does not need to travel far to find worthy subjects--these shots came steps from my doorway.

Lichens seem to fit in with the mosses--I do recognize their existence but find it easy to gloss over them. I did get into moss a while back and feel good about that and I'd like to explore them in more detail this winter. Now the same goes for the lichens.

Poking through my library, I expected at least something on lichens. Nothing doing. Wonderful surprises for mosses though. (How do I not know what's in my library? Surprises are nice but really...) So for now, I will simply reference a wiki link and let it go at that. IDs and more species to come later.


  1. Sorry you are under the weather, which of itself is 'under the weather.' Nice sun after our mushy snow. They told us in Phoenix during the Am Soc of Botanical Artists Conf, "The weather isn't usually like this [105 in October!]" to which I countered: "We say that in New England all the time--You should have been here last week." Etc. Botanical artists LOVE to draw your lichen! Feel better! - Joyce

  2. Hi Joyce, and welcome home! :-)

    I saw a wonderful lichen botanical by Sarah Roche at the Pratt Library back in the summer. Absolutely stunning, it was.

  3. I think lichens have some of the most beautiful and most delicate of colors. I love to draw and paint them as well! Hope that you are feeling better and that you are back exploring asap.
    I noticed today that the witch hazel is in flower around our lake!

  4. I photo'd a few more species this afternoon but do want to retry for more shadow and depth. Hopefully more on them soon.

    Thank you for the good wishes! You too Joyce! You are both so kind! :-) I suspect at least part of my troubles is stress related.

    Witch hazel? See, now I'm getting jealous. Bears, foxes, and loons...and now flowering witch hazel? Now how cool is that? :-)