Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweet Pepperbush Comes Full Circle

Here's Sweet Pepperbush, Clethra alnifolia, coming around its annual cycle.

From Nature's Garden:

"Like many another neglected native plant, the beautiful sweet pepperbush improves under cultivation ; and when the departed lilacs, syringa, snowball, and blossoming almond, found with almost monotonous frequency in every American garden, leave a blank in the shrubbery at midsummer, these fleecy white spikes should exhale their spicy breath about our homes. But wild flowers, like a prophet, may remain long without honor in their own country."

From The American Bee Journal:

"The sweet pepper grows wild here in the greatest abundance in the swamps, and wet places, and I never knew it to fail to bloom from any cause whatever. Dry seasons do not affect it, because its home is generally in wet places; and again no cold appears ever to harm it. The honey is about white, thick and of fine flavor."

(Bee photo on C. alnifolia from August; all others this weekend.)

Blanchan, Neltje. Nature's Garden. 230-1. New York, 1900. Web. Google Book Search. 25 Oct 2009.

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