Thursday, August 13, 2009

White Campion and Other Stuff

We've looked at White Campion in the past. Here's a peek at the various stages of the development of the seed pods. I often wondered what that bloated thing behind the flower was all about. They're like little maracas--shake them for a tiny shh-shh sound! :-)

Below is simply a glimpse into the goings on of various species--most that we've seen before. The one new introduction is the water lily. I really wanted a better shot and went out special today for a winner. Alas, the blossoms I found were closed tightly and then it got a bit rainy around the lake. No worries, there's always this weekend for another try! :-)

Some Buttonbush blossoms still look like fireworks going off while other are going by...

The poison ivy responded well to my new macro flash. I'm loving that flash with plants but insects with their shiny parts are going to need special attention. More on that later--I have special toys (er, I mean important equipment) on the way that should help.

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