Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Out For A Stroll

I began assembling this post last week and then a few species posts crowded it out. So here it is now--a little glimpse at to what pops up in my sight and mind as I wander around the lake.

This little bunny is often hanging in this spot. I think it's a second litter cottontail.

Catbirds are usually heard more than seen and don't often let me get too close. And yet, they seem curious. I've tried more that once to pull off a short movie with mewing--persistence will pay off...I hope...

Just a little reminder that some leaves are indeed already turning.

The recent hot weather seems to be responsible for the white pine cones weeping sap.

Plymouth Gentians are surprisingly long-lasting flowers.

Regarding waterfowl, most times I see only Canada Geese but there are ducks from time to time.

And in general, it's hard to describe just how pleasurable it is to simply wander with my camera. Just what was I doing before this blog? :-)

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