Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Dragonflies

Here are a few more dragonflies and lastly also a damselfly. Damsels like to sit with their wings held close to their bodies.

I'm using a new macro flash unit that seems to be allowing better detail. I've had it on the camera for only a few hours but I'm really liking it. I may have something of a review in the future.


  1. The dainty, slender dragonflies and damselflies always remind me of the tiny electrical wires that used to be in the transistor radios we all had as kids! I guess I've always been attracted to color.
    Your new macro flash is giving you very wonderful results!!

  2. I am so very pleased with the flash. There are many mechanical and electronic controls to vary the position and relative intensity of the flash heads, so there is much testing to be done. But, I am still quite happy with out-of-the-box default settings although I do need some diffuser domes to soften the rather sharp flash highlights. (See the pesky double dots on the red dragonfly's eye?)

    Transistors, indeed. Now it is my turn to spin back through the years, to when as a youth I was soldering in a 2N109 transistor for an amplifer for my crystal radio. Ah yes, I remember choking on the smoke from the flux in the solder...