Monday, August 24, 2009

Signs of Change

A couple of weeks ago when the weather was cooler, I began to anticipate Fall. And then the brutal heat took over, melting any thoughts of summer's early demise. Regardless of how the temperature fluctuates, daylight is noticeably shrinking and plants are showing the wear and tear of a full summer season.

I've been enjoying art exhibits, particularly botanicals. My latest adventure took me this past weekend to the South Shore Natural Science Center for the "Beyond the Garden Gate" exhibit. Although botanicals were only part of the complete exhibit and none took prizes, there was indeed some lovely work there.

Here's a nice article on the first place winner.

Second prize did go to a photograph. Alas, there is no image available to show but it was an iris printed to matte paper. Softened edges yet with a fine clarity--I really liked it.

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