Tuesday, August 4, 2009


These little blackberries grow on the side of the road close to home. I took the first two shots a couple of days ago. Last evening I noticed, and as we can see in the last shot, that most of the ripening berries were gone. I wonder which little critter (or kid!) got into them?

From an article in Good Housekeeping:

Blackberry Cream

Sprinkle half a cupful of sugar over two quarts of ripe berries, and mash them with a heavy spoon or wooden pestle. Set aside for a couple of hours, then strain the juice through a thin cloth, and add another half-cupful of sugar. Partially whip a pint of sweet cream, to which add the fruit juice; continue the whipping, gradually adding the stiff-beaten whites of two eggs. When no more cream arises from the whipping serve at once.

Semi-annual compilation. Springfield MA, 1894. August 1894 monthly edition of Good Houskeeping magazine. Page 69. Fruit as a Food by Minerva Van Wyck.

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