Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wood Work

For the first peek into my backyard swamp, we are looking into the local birds' activities with standing dead wood.

These first shots detail the enormous amount of excavating that can go on in the food search for creatures eking out a living in rotted wood. I was so surprised by the amount and the size of the wood chips laying at the base of this, I think, maple tree and I suspect that the Red-bellied Woodpecker is primarily responsible.

This next photo shows another tree that has been quite well picked over. Here the wood is not so spongy. This might be a red cedar or pine, and I'll need to pay more attention on my next visit. What is unique with this tree are the holes drilled in various locations around the length of the tree. I need more information but my guess at this time is that this hole leads to a Chickadee nest. (I was surprised to read that they had this pecking/drilling ability.) My knowledge and research abilities--and my time--are being sorely tested here!

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