Monday, February 9, 2009

Poison Ivy

Here's a Poison Ivy vine, Toxicodendron radicans. Feeling itchy yet? Although we're usually cautious around those shiny leaves that appear to be dripping with urushiol, this vine will also give a good dose of irritant.

Many of my plant identification guides begin with warnings and good descriptions of poison ivy, oak, and sumac. For those without these books, here are a couple of helpful rhymes:

Leaves of three,
let it be.

Hairy vine,
no friend of mine.

And here's our full moon. I'm not ready to call this a tradition. After all, it's only two lunar cycles in a row. But, you never know...


  1. Hey Cool Blog and Greetings

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    I love the natural world in the Eastern United States and
    the Intermountain West.

    Found you randomly on Blogger.

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    Visit is you like, but mostly I just wanted to thank you for your work.

    Andy Coffey

  2. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for dropping in and the kind comments!

    -- John