Monday, February 16, 2009


Not that all trees aren't beautiful but the Catalpa is somehow special to me. Maybe it's because I remember as a little boy picking its flowers for my mother and being disappointed because they spoiled so quickly. Within a day they were all withered and browned.

The leaves are so huge, the flowers so beautiful, and the long seed pods so eye catching.

I recently harvested a bunch of buds and twigs, some known and others mysteries. I placed them all in water, hoping I'd get lucky with a sprout or two. Just yesterday I noticed the Catalpa twig was pushing a leaf bud. This year's first burst of green! I must say that I'd expect to see just one leaf rather that a bunch of hairy little somethings... More later as this little one matures...

I recently received a wonderful book recommendation from a coworker, friend, and fellow photographer. Reading the Forested Landscape, A Natural History of New England by Tom Wessels and illustrated by Brian D. Cohen.

Each chapter begins with an etching of a wooded scene. From that the reader is taught to deduce the history of change. It's so fascinating! I can only handle a chapter at a time, as the author encompasses so much history to explain his analysis. I hope to have more to say as I work my way into the multi-dimensional world of forest shaping that this author creates.

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