Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Backyard Swamp

My backyard rapidly slopes off into this little piece of swampland. There's an old saying that goes, "You can't have winter until the swamps are full." It's been quite often right, and indeed, this swamp is, and has been, full and is now solid ice. There's a good deal of Red Maple, also fittingly know as Swamp Maple. I have just placed a branch in water, looking for another sprouter like yesterday's Catalpa, which by the way is continuing to blossom.

There is a high frequency of blowdown here. During windstorms in warmer weather, I can hear the crack and fall as they snap off or most often tip over, roots and all.

Today's slipping and sliding through the swamp has left me with a few interesting shots that I will share during the week--more traces of Cottontail, moss in snow, works of the woodpecker, and more...

Today included a chipmunk sighting. I ran for the camera but the little guy high-tailed it across the road. I think it's a bit unusual for chipmunks to be out so soon. They hibernate but do on occasion wake to take some seeds from their underground caches.

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