Thursday, February 12, 2009

Black Cherry

The bark on the Black Cherry, Prunus serotina, has always caught my attention. It often takes on a darkened or shadowed appearance, perhaps due to the overlapping nature of the scaled bark. Not until this evening did I come up with an identification.

There are quite a few scattered around the lake and I'll be getting some shots of them, probably when they start to leaf in. They seem to all have a habit of twisting growth, perhaps as they seek out the light? More research will be needed here, just like most specie posts.

Note that bit of Wisteria vine in this bark shot. That stuff really gets around.

And lastly, a Happy Birthday #200 to Charles Darwin. Here's a very cool site on this incredible man. And for those who, as I do, like to download to my Kindle, check this out. Matthew McClintock provides all this as a free service and really does appreciate donations to keep it all running.

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