Sunday, February 8, 2009

Out for a Stroll

The weather's improving. Temperatures into the 40's F yesterday and possible 50's today. In other words, great weather to get out and photograph specimens. Yesterday's stroll with camera in hand was so pleasurable that I thought I'd try to share a bit of that here by drawing from new photos of mostly previously identified specimens. There are a couple of new entries as well, but only as traces from the past.

Here are the Wisteria vines working their way up and around an Eastern Pine. It's curious how the vines are numerous and delicate.

Here's another Wisteria of a differing habit--with a real stranglehold on an unknown tree.

A little hemlock is nestled under some larger trees, waiting for an opportunity to shoot up if and when a surrounding tree dies off.

An old Baltimore Oriole nest. The Orioles migrate up each spring and always build a nest close by to this location. That is, except for the year that a blackbird tormented the poor nest builder. That blackbird would tear apart the Oriole's nest as fast as it could be built. After three days, the Oriole gave up and relocated for that year.

An lastly, here are the tracks of a Cottontail Rabbit. The bunnies will come up into the yard this spring once the lawn and weeds green in.

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