Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tonal Studies - Block Making

Ah, such a long overdue project... Finally underway!

I lurk on where among many other topics members are encouraged to delve into using Munsell as a base for tonal studies. Rather than try to explain the details, I refer you to the wonderful work of Paul Foxton. Paul is building an art teaching website so be sure to look beyond his posts on tonal studies.

Starting with an eight foot 4x4 cut in half, I ripped it to about 2.5" square. This Freud blade cuts so smoothly that only minimal sanding was needed.

Using a power mitre box, the blocks were cut.

With the blocks cut out, it was time for a couple of coats of Golden GAC 100. I mixed in a bit of water, as I find this primer somewhat thick and seems to leave behind a bit of texture

The blocks are nearly ready for a few coats of Golden acrylic gesso but first I'm letting the GAC 100 get nice and dry. There's still a bit of tackiness here.

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