Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Signs of Spring

This is the second day of temps in the 80's. It's glorious! But tomorrow it's over and back into seasonal averages.

Spring blossoming seems "off" this year, almost like it's moving slowly. Perhaps because Winter without snow and Spring without rain? My surrounding swampland is dry like mid summer. No matter, the signs of Spring are here! These photos are right off my doorstep.


  1. As usual, we are way behind you spring-wise here in the Upper Valley although I am seeing tinges of green in the trees today for the first time; peepers and woodfrogs are singing, toads are trilling and I've already found numerous egg masses in the veral pools. I'm sure if we get the badly needed April showers predicted for this weekend, things will really start blooming for us, too.
    ~ gretchen

  2. Predictions here call for four days of rain that could be measured in inches. After posting, read an article in the Boston Globe about the slow leafing out due to dry conditions. Here's hoping for a good extended soaking!