Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mulling Titanium Dioxide

I'd like to try working my form exercise in oils. Theory and computer programs are fine but I want to get my hands dirty. Expecting that I'll need a good bit of white and that all I have on hand is a bit of lead white and lots of Gamblin Radiant White (titanium dioxide in safflower oil, a very slow drier) , I'm whipping up a batch of titanium dioxide and linseed oil.

On first mixing the pigment and oil with a palette knife, the pigment pulls together into little platelets. I then need to work with just a bit at a time to gain a smooth consistency. This paint will eventually be mixed down into Munsell neutrals in values 4, 6, and 8.


  1. Did you have trouble at incorporating the pigment with the linseed oil? I made a batch myself and found it really hard to mix with the palette knife, after using the Muller it turns out ok but at the begining is really hard to mix

  2. It just took some time. Funny how when starting it is easy to just add more oil. But, then when it all gets mixed it ends up kind of soupy. Patience when mixing was key for me! :-)