Friday, April 6, 2012

Establishing Measures

Here's a b/w right eye closeup where I've sampled color from a few spots within the encircled area.

And here is the same image with the color opened up.

After creating the sample color blocks, I measured the RGB and Lab color space values within Photoshop and corrolated them with Munsell using the Munsell Conversion Data Tables from WallkillColor. The numbers didn't always align very well so I had to work between RGB and Lab.

This chart follows the same six sample color blocks, here detailing the Munsell properties. Value is behaving as expected, decreasing in value as the form rolls off. Chroma seems to following nicely as well, as I expected highest chroma in the local color. The hue I am not so sure about and I need to complete more samples.

Hue Value Chroma
10YR 9 4
7.5YR 8 6
7.5YR 8 6
7.5YR 6 6
7.5YR 5 4
5YR 3 4

 I also want to categorize this sample into highlight, local color, half tone, and shadow but it's not really clear where I want to make the breaks. That's okay for now as I'm really just exploring here.

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