Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finally, some rain

The crabapple blossoms are pulled down, heavy with rain.

My backyard swamp was dry before the rains began. Hoping to see puddling up after the heavy rains come through.


  1. Whoa- where did that week go? Just got caught up with your posts. How cool re: your grinding of the lapis lazuli- such a beautiful color although the word 'beautiful' cannot come close to describing it. The words ethereal, magical, haunting, mesmerizing and heavenly, when used collectively, come close- but I think that color is unto its own. You can't compare it to anything else on earth; you can only compare other things to it.
    Ah the rains- so welcome for us here in the parched northeast... hopefully it will help green us up and refill the vernal pools, too.
    ~ gretchen

  2. I was stunned with that depth of color in oil! Later today I will test the same pigment with egg tempera. I expect to see less saturation in the egg medium; I guess that would be normal, but the proof will be in the doing. More soon!