Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The storm came trough leaving inches or rain behind. Here's the same shot right after but by the next day it was all soaked up. It's the beauty of swampland, regulating flow in the watershed. A sponge that prevents runoff and flooding.

Here's my ground lapis applied with egg tempera. I couldn't resist a bit of a royal touch with W&N gold gouache. Something like twenty layers at its darkest. It's a tiny swatch, only about an inch high.


  1. Beautiful color,john.its not what I expected. I could see you using this quite often.i was thinking it may be more of a fra Angelico blue coming from lapis. I'm always searching for a nice rich coral . I may just grind up some branch coral I have. John,this could be more lucrative than painting....hummmm. Makes one think.Dor

  2. I thought you'd be surprised, Dorothy. I was, somehow expecting less saturation than with oil. Pigments are just so fascinating, aren't they?