Friday, January 29, 2010

Wrapups - Walnut and Week 1

Here's the little split walnut, and it's done. I learned a bit about taking the time for good layout. That is, not being in a rush to get to any detail until the larger shapes were dropped in.

The Cornell course weeks end on Fridays--they are the due dates for each week's assignments. Besides an introduction and a practice scan with upload, this week's work included some reading, both on the site and with books. A nice feature is the inclusion of short videos by our instructor, Marcia. Mention was also made this week on a journaling requirement, reflections on whatever we see or feel, thoughts on how our work progresses (or doesn't), etc. Many examples of ideas on approaching this requirement were offered. Journals are private writings between the student and teacher are are considered quite important.

This week's reading assignments were the Introduction and Materials section of Beautiful Botanicals and the optional Chapter 1 of The Sierra Club Guide to Sketching in Nature.

I want to make mention of Marcia's level of student involvement. Already has she introduced me to a Cornell colleague creating fantastic scanned artwork. See Craig's work here.

You know, in some ways, the course format reminds me of this blog. I scan, upload, and post my drawings, discussing what went well and what didn't. I get loads of encouragement from art professionals. Only thing is that my assignments are self-directed. Having outside guidance for the next six weeks will be so cool and I hope for it to really broaden my horizons during and after this course.

I will begin tomorrow with comments on the new week's assignments.


  1. I like that you are all keeping journals for this class and that the approach to learning is so all encompassing of sources for inspiration; so often when one takes a class in anything, the subject matter, no matter how exciting, can be presented in such a dry manner as to squelch one's enthusiasm. Heck, I'm not even taking this course and now I'm all enthused to carve out some time at my drafting table!

  2. Haha! : -) That is simply wonderful! I'll be posting regularly on the assignments and my submissions.