Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's A Wrap

It's been a full week of English Ivy. It's done. How do I know? Well, I penciled in the core shadowing with a 4H and lightened the edges with a kneaded eraser. Dropped in some gentle shadows under most veining. Those were my intended wrap up tasks, I's not always easy to know when a piece is done.

I didn't keep track closely but I think I put in about twenty-five hours on this piece. During this time, I began to pick up some comfort with my pencils and their sharpening. Same for using tracing paper with a cutout--that became important due to the size of this drawing.

I am still working on scanner settings. In fact, this image was from the camera. It's a reasonable approximation of the tones except I think the whites of my drawing are a bit lighter.

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