Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rhododendron 2

After posting last night, I spent hours absorbed in this drawing.

Here's how I set up this drawing.


  1. I really like this round composition!
    I have a tiny plastic specimen box (1''x1'') with a round magnifying lens set into the top that I often use for my drawing/painting reference. I have, at different times, filled it with tiny seashells, seeds, insects etc. and quite often I am so charmed by the round composition as seen through the lens that I draw/paint it "as is".
    It is fun to challenge oneself to find unique perspectives and unusual compositions in nature.
    well done!

  2. I am so excited with this! I think about trying this out with hard as well as soft edge (kind of a fade out). There are certainly more of these in my future! :-)

    I do have in mind trying out three point perspective of an stretched out, exaggerated sort. Love that effect! :-)

  3. Here's a blog you might find interesting esp. as today she writes about paper and how one must constantly experiment with it and our supplies. I love Roz's blog- you should check out some of her archives as well.



  4. Hey, thanks for the blog link. Good stuff there. I'll definitely be checking out her posts.

  5. This is super! I love close up on details and your squirrel is so sweet. I have been putting out some food for ours here. As you might know we have some very cold weather..!!

  6. Geez, thank you Val! I am having so much fun.

    So glad to hear that you feed your squirrels too. On snowy Sunday I had five here feeding together. My ragged-ear friend was among them.

    Stay warm! I'm reading that the poor farmers are working very hard to save their crops.