Sunday, January 17, 2010

English Ivy

I just started work on a cropped macro of English Ivy. You know, sometimes getting started can be the most difficult thing. Whether it's coming up with the subject that feels right or a matter of confidence or even simply overcoming inertia, getting to the initial layout can be a chore. Once I get over that hurdle, I can settle nicely into a kind of meditative involvement. It's just that darned getting started...


  1. I KNOW!! What is it with the 'starting' thing? Why is it so hard? Like you, once I get into it I can't do anything else BUT work on that piece ( it really should read 'don't want' to do anything else; there is an ever so subtle difference btwn can't and don't want to, esp. when house work and daily life gets in the way!)-and yes, drawing/painting is the supreme form of meditation for me, too.
    I love today's macro composition and yesterday's walnut (black walnut?) shows so much wonderful texture!

  2. This nut wasn't the same as from my earlier post this summer. It came from a bag of Diamond brand so it is probably a Persian walnut, Juglans regia. Diamond lists the species as "Jumbo". ;-)