Wednesday, September 2, 2009

If It Quacks Like...

We'll let our little friend here lead out today's post, but he's agreed only to a quick appearance. Okay, now the real story.

Here is Duckweed, Lemna minor, the same "green stuff" from yesterday's post. Today's identification comes to us from Gretchen, whose comment made yesterday saved the day today. Yeah Gretchen! :-)

I tried collecting a sample for later macro shots back at home but after noticing all kinds of little water creatures navigating around in my sample bag, I had no choice but to release all back to their home. Truly, Nuncketest, The Lake of the Red Waters, aptly names this lake.


  1. Glad I could help!
    I'm bleary eyed this morning... I stayed up way past my bedtime reading back issues of the ASBA journals... and it was so worth it! Thanks again for telling me about it!

  2. Well, it was really all Joyce's doing! She's the one who told me. :-) Hey, I wonder if she's around here?

  3. ASBA Journals are worth looking at for the same reason this Nuncketest blog is a treat--immersion in the endless beauty of plants, right up to their pistils and stamens and perianths, and whatnots. -JW

  4. Thanks Joyce!

    And thanks again for reference to the journals. They are so entertaining and informative. I downloaded them all so I'll always have them and even printed one out today. It had lots of info and links on plants of concern--fascinating.

    -- John