Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Was Water Weeds; Now Duckweed!

There are many streams entering the lake. You see, much of the surrounding terrain is wetland. It seems that the wetlands buffer the rain, allowing it to flow into the lake over a period of time. Here is one such stream. I noticed all this green stuff dumping into lake and followed it across the street to a little pond.

First, here's a little movie of the action. I had some trouble hand-holding the camera--shakes and focus but what the heck. I will improve in time. Also, I have included the movie link and hopefully email folks will be able to pick up the movie from the email. Oh, and my apologies to the emailers about the previous post not mailing out--I didn't realize that August has 31 days... there went the schedule! :-)

Water Weeds from John Perry on Vimeo.

Here's the little pond across the street from the lake.

And here's the same pond a day later. All clean! So, just what was that stuff? How long had it been around before I discovered it? Did it grow in the water (that's what I think) or did it fall out of the trees?


  1. Just a guess, but could the green stuff be duckweed? Perhaps the rain dislodged it from somewhere up stream. Duckweed, I believe, is rootless (that is to say is not anchored like a water lily), and floats on top of the water's surface, sometimes forming great mats of vegetation that can cover an entire pond.

  2. Thank you, thank you!!! :-)

    See tomorrow's post for followup on this.