Friday, March 9, 2012

Studio Oil

Shortly before the Cornell course began, I poured a half inch layer of linseed oil into one of these half pint canning jars. I left it hanging around the kitchen, no special treatment at all.

The sample on the right is my control, regular linseed oil. On the left is my canning jar oil. Amazing the color change, eh? I need to do more work on this as it's not clear if this transparency will last in bottle or painting. But beyond the color, this new oil now has more body. It's supposed to behave like a stand oil in its smoothing and leveling properties, but to be a fast drier, unlike the stand oil that can take days to a week to lose tackiness. (Testing underway!)

I'd like to publish weekly reviews of the online course for weeks 3-6 but, to tell you the truth, I just couldn't resist getting back to my old ways. :-)

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