Thursday, March 22, 2012

Driving out the water

Here is my first batch with salt rinsing complete, ready for an application of heat to drive out the water.

As the oil warmed, some separation seemed to be taking place.

Now the water is beginning to boil out from the oil.

There were a couple of disturbing pops when larger pockets of steam released. The oil was beginning to noticeably clear and I became more aggressive with the heat. Bad move. All of a sudden, the volcano exploded. Hot oil everywhere. Lucky for me most of it went straight up. Burned my hand a bit and a few spots on my head but I was very lucky.

What a freaking mess! Oil everywhere! From the floor to the ceiling. My clothes are in the wash. The kitchen is cleaned up. Only about 4 ounces of oil remains. And, my pride is reasonably intact.

It's right there in Tad's email to me from a couple of days ago:
"When you're heating it at the end to remove the water, go easy on the heat. If it starts to spit or erupt from trapped water escaping, lower the heat."
Duh. There it is. I am reminded of sound advice from my programming days: RTFM.

I have a double batch moving into the rinse cycle. Soon I'll be back to the stove, this time with new found respect. But for tonight, let me celebrate my luck and education with a bit of scotch, and some aloe.


  1. Geez, glad you're OK. We're never too old to learn the hard way, I guess.

  2. As I started reading, I wondered how you were going to avoid burning your house down--glad you avoided that but so sorry about the disastah. - Joyce

  3. Hard way indeed, Mary. "More luck than brains" comes to mind. :-)

  4. Thanks, Joyce. I expect to be back at it today. Maybe I better wait until I get your stuff out! ;-)

  5. Eegaads .... how frightening! SO glad you are OK.
    ~ gretchen

  6. Thanks, Gretchen. I wrapped up that batch today without incident but is sure smells like oil around here! :-)

  7. Hey John...glad to see you are still being messy and having fun. Getting ready to pack it in here.hope all is well. Let me know if you are taking Koo's workshop. Dor

  8. Hi Dorothy! Nice talking with you! :-) See you soon.