Thursday, March 15, 2012

Course Wrap-up and Changing Gears

I've completed my weekly course summaries and now heading off into new, and some familiar, projects. But first, a bit of news. Check out this recent post from Cornell's Garden Based Learning blog. Additionally, plans are in development for Cornell to show student work sometime in the fall. More later as this develops.

With all the demands of my coursework, I never got around to a piece for the flower show but my mountain laurel drawing will probably make a good entry for NESBA's The Fells May through July exhibition. Last year I exhibited for the flower show and not The Fells so it's a wash, I suppose. Ah, for the day when I have work ahead of me...

Behind the scenes I have  been casually experimenting with "washing" linseed oil. That work is now picking up and should have some preliminary results for posting tomorrow.

In general, it's time to get back to copying Old Masters paintings in oils and doing up a few egg temperas based in part on my coursework exercises. Oh, and there's more coming as well. Stay tuned! :-)


  1. Congratulations on completing this next level in your Cornell botanical studies. It is so interesting to read the course challenge, see/read your work/statements and then read what Marcia has to say about it all. You should be very happy with where you are at right now, I am sure! Thanks so much for sharing all of this course with us; looking forward to seeing what is next.
    ~ gretchen

  2. Thank you, Gretchen. This was a real "stretching" course. Don't know how much I mentioned this but in this class we shared our work within forums. Very cool to see how differently we each interpreted the exercises. Marcia is thinking of next time pairing students to share and offer critique.

  3. I am in awe of what you have achieved on the course and also with the generous way you share your thinking and reflecting with us John. I can only echo Gretchen's eloquent remarks and say I am too looking forward to seeing the next steps.

  4. Hey thanks, Judith! It's an interesting course. There was even a good deal more communication than I depicted here--between students as well as student and teacher. We have forums for each week's exercises and direct email as well. Lot of fun!