Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Cat Weather!

What a perfect day! Temps in the 70's, sunny and a light breeze. Just perfect for preparing a few panels for oils. Two layers of GAC 100 and four of acrylic "gesso".

My neighbor's cat looked on.

And, of course, so did the master himself.

My Cornell certificate arrived today!

Oil work continues in the background. Final rinses are still underway although I'd expected the first batch complete by now.


  1. Can you belive this weather? First day of spring yesterday and I was already in my 'high summer' uniform (tshirt/shorts/filpflops); one year ago to the day it was snowing, and freezing cold. Today I had a blue bird "couple" inspecting one of the nesting boxes up in our field and two nights ago the woodcocks started their "peent" calls in the underbrush and doing their spiraling mating acrobatic routines.
    Amazing to see the work that goes into making linseed oil- I never knew what a time consuming process it was. I had always just assumed the little seeds were ground down in a morter with pestle and the oil was poured off and put into a bottle... boy was I wrong!
    Congrats on receiving your certificate- looks like Timothy is enjoying the summer like warmth, too.
    ~ gretchen

  2. It's so wonderful. I'm taking advantage of this lovely weather to clean up the yard. Stuff that's been on hold for way too long! Looks like this will hold for another couple of days. More records to break!

    Ya, this oils stuff has turned into one heck of a project. I expect to soon be putting up some finished oil.

    Enjoy the warmth! :-)