Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Water Lily, Pulling Back

This evening was about pulling back the chroma. First were scumbles over the lily pads, then glazes of chromium oxide and viridian. The water got glazes of alizarin for the foreground and viridian for the background. I'm trying to portray depth with warm and cool. It's really slow going and I wish I had more hours each day to devote to this.

Something I just realized is that I'm making almost no holes, meaning that I'm picking up a sense of control by waiting for the previous coat to be completely dry before applying the next layer. I use a hairdryer as needed when I'm in a hurry.


  1. This is coming on brilliantly. Are you listening to music or anything whilst you work or are you a silent worker? I tend to listen to the radio by day but if I am outdoors, just the birdsong is enough.

  2. Thanks, Judith. Lately there is a movie in the background. For some time, it was jazz. Funny, just last evening I was wondering how my painting might change if I went back to jazz.