Thursday, July 28, 2011

Green Earths

Here's a peek at my selection of green earths. I've had the Rublev for some time; it came with my watercolor making kit. The last four are from my recent Kremer order.

These all have their own unique colors, don't they? The Rublev is warm and subtle while the Russian Green Earth has a similar subtlety but leans towards the cool side. Green Earth from Verona is very dirty while the Vagone Enhanced is bold and rich. The Epidote is a surprise; I didn't expect such large particle size for a 1-100 micron grind. It like it's really at the high end. Very gritty.

Rublev        11111         40821        41750         11151

Verona Green (Rublev)
Russian Green Earth (11111)
Green Earth from Verona (40821)
Vagone Green Earth, enhanced with Prussian Blue and Chrome Oxide Green, Bluish (41750)
Epidote, Greenish Extra (11151)

At some point, I'll get into extended charting--mixes with titanium white and glazes with a range of transparent pigments. But for now, just having some idea what these pigments look like is a big help. Gazing into a plastic bag of pigment just doesn't convey the color.

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